To Understand True Meaning Of Life

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To Understand True Meaning Of Life

————— Japanese Police Has Launched Lessons on Millions of Students


According to the news from New Overseas in Japan, this is a special lesson, that’s to use criminal facts, experience of accident sufferers and confide of members of the deceased’s family, all this will teach students how to respect life. Such a lesson named “Learn How to Respect Life” has spread around Japan, according to records of police agency, until May 20th, there are 36 prefectural counties have held 288 lessons about “learn how to respect life”, about 100,000 students of junior and senior schools have taken the lesson.

It is reported that in order to make the students at adolescence are able to treasure lives of themselves and others, Japanese police agencies have decided to take the lesson of respect life in a large scale. Last year, the accident of three youngsters who have been damaged and stood at the stage of schools for 8 times, which had shaken the whole Japan deeply and telling the miserable past events. After the lesson, a girl at Junior one said that “In the past, I always have such an idea that it is good if I were never born in the world. After listening those confides, I really feel that my ideas are so cold-blooded, regretting for this. “

In 2008, at City Wall Japan, there was a 8 year-old child collided to death by a crane ignoring traffic regulations. Nowadays, at the lesson of “learn how to respect life” at city wall, the written notes by the child’s mother has been widely spread, about 1000 students have written down impressions after listening to the lesson, among them, some express ideas like “Therefore I knew the value of existence”, “I know the meaning of life then”, “you need to own some relationship for living at society” etc. They all have great raise on the cognition degree of life and live.

In order to continue with the education of respecting life effectively, Japanese police agencies have held experimental units at 10 prefectural counties throughout the whole country in 2008 and 2009, then they have expanded implement range of education in 2009.

As for everyone in the world, it is difficult for one life to come to the world, for him to grow up, do some contributions to the world, stay together with his lovers until death. For everyone, life is just one time, how could you pass the only life fullest? When you are old and recalling the past time, I think the best thing is that there is no regret for you and you have finished all of your desires by your effects. Hope everyone will treasure life from now on and finish your desires smoothly. Happy every day, my dears!

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