Unique Auction: How to Attract Bidders on your online auctions

August 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Next to getting people to bid auction, attracting bidders is probably the most stumping issue for auctioneers. One never knows that people are viewing his lot(s) or are looking for your auction. This all the rising and falling tides affecting Marketing and consumer markets and this is where advertising comes in and together these factors play a well regulated symbiosis in business life.

So we are back at the start, how to attract traffic on your auctions on line? One very resourceful method is to create one’s own discussion group. Discussion groups are pages on social networks where people get to share views and communicate interactively.

There are three major approaches to use groups for increasing one’s own auction traffic. These are

Join groups that let link back to your auction or share links and let others do the same.
Start your own group and post your links while inviting others to do the same.

These two start you off quick and easy driving traffic to your auctions; however, the third and best way is:

To apply groups is to create a categorized group based around a theme. Mainly that one that your item comes under. This way, audiences that are interested in your theme will be more interested in joining that kind of a group rather a certain theme would be more liable to join an exclusive group for one individual theme. One can then outline rules for members by which they can share related auctions.

The last method uses the concept of target market and generates good traffic to bid auction on your lot.

Starting a new group is easy and fun and several websites provide that feature like Google and Yahoo. One has to sign up first go into the social networking or group tab and start his own group. You may also join some particular auctioneer groups where more activity for auctions takes place.

You are also free to browse around and join other related groups where some websites allow posting of other auction links. However be sure to read each group’s terms and conditions.

Once you have gotten the hang of working with groups, you might want to go and create one of your own. Once you have done this, a sure way to enlarge your group is to post links in your auction description, you can invite people to join your own group. This doesn’t violate any rules.

On the other hand, groups are not only traffic builders but wonderful experience, knowledge and reputation builders. Look for and indulge in various other auction groups, participating in them will let “graduate” with great tools and knowledge to work up your business auctions on line.

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