Used Cars In Nj: The Safest Toyota Models

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Many, if not most vehicles are safer these days, but Consumer Reports reveals crash-test numbers to determine some of the safest cars on the road.Before purchasing a used car in NJ, stop and consider safety ratings. You may be in love with the color, extras, and your test drive experience, but youll need to factor safety into the equation when deciding if it a car is really the best car for you. Insurance companies base rates, in part, on the safety of the car, in addition to the occupants driving history.These companies also factor accident reports and vehicle records into account when setting premiums; these crash-test results are particularly useful when considering newer vehicle models where theres not much accident data available. If vehicles perform well in crash tests generally hold up well on the roads.

Before purchasing a used car in NJ, understand there are two major safety factors to consider.The first is accident prevention, or how well a vehicle has been designed to prevent an accident from happening, and the second is crashworthiness, or how a vehicle holds up in an actual crash.Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration performs side impact collisions and full frontal crashes to determine safety ratingsthe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests vehicles in offset frontal crashes, the most common type of crash. Consumer reports then compiles the test results to compare popular vehicles in terms of crash protection, accident avoidance, and overall safety; the higher the score, the safer the vehicle.

Braking performance on both wet and dry pavement, anti-lock breaking capabilities, acceleration, emergency handling, and seat comfort (a driver who is uncomfortable may have a hard time focusing on the road) and visibility are all factors. Driving position can affect your ability to clearly see the road condition and other nearby vehicles, and acceleration is key when merging safely or stopping short in traffic.

Safest Pickup Truck: Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7

The safest full-sized pickup truck is the Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7. Pickup trucks dont always have great safety ratings and assessments because drivers arent as protected in crashes, and many large sized vehicles have poor handling and breaks. This isnt the case for the Toyota Tundra, which earned 4 out of 5 stars for both driver front and passenger front safety.

Safest Hybrid Vehicle: Toyota Prius

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Toyota Prius as one of the safest hybrid vehicles, earning the Top Safety Pick award. The Prius performed well in all front and side crash tests, including the whiplash test. This economic vehicle also comes with electronic stability control, useful for maneuvering in sharp turns.

Safest Minivan: Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is a very safe choice for families, with three generations of comprehensive redesign. Four wheel anti lock breaking, electronic break assist, electronic stability and traction control, anti-whiplash head restraints, and full length curtain airbags make this minivan one of the safest options available.

Before buying a used car in NJ, thoroughly research safety ratings before making your decision and remember that despite all safety innovations, the safety factor still rests in the person behind the wheel.

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