Used Travel Trailers Cheap – How to Save a Bundle at RV Auctions

August 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

If you’re in the market for used travel trailers, this may be the best time you’ll find to buy. And the place you’ll find the cheapest prices, is probably at a government or repo auction. They can be pretty intimidating if you’re not a dealer. But you can use that to your advantage to get RVs at up to 90% off list.  

Here’s a quick guide to conquering at RV auctions.  

Choose your auction. There are closed auctions which require you to have a special license to attend. Generally, though anyone of legal age with a driver’s license can buy from the government.  

Choose your RV. Yes, the government stocks RVs. You’ll also find repossessed and seized RVs. Most used government vehicles are 2-3 years old when they come up for auction. That’s a good reason for you to do your homework and choose an auction you can visit. Some RVs hold up to 3 years of constant use, some don’t.  

Inspect your RV. Come about 90 minutes early so you can find an RV and look it over. You should expect inspection logs and service records for any RV maintained by the government. Don’t expect anything for a seized vehicle. Bring an inspection checklist with you or someone experienced with RVs if you aren’t.  

Bid Smart. Once you’ve selected the used travel trailers you like, find an auction consultant (staff member) and find out the reserve price and expected sale price. Get the blue book trade-in price if you can, subtract the 5% buyer’s fee you’ll likely have to pay, and use that number to limit your bidding, so you know you’re getting a good price.   Don’t bid until you get a sense of how rapidly others are bidding and how popular the RV you’ve chose is going to be. If you decide to bid, make sure you get the auctioneer’s attention on your first bid or you can be overlooked.  

Collect your documents. Congratulations on a great buy! Go to the Sales Office to get your receipt as proof of purchase and guarantee of title. Then take a nice lunch to enjoy the thousands of dollars you’ve just saved. Make sure you return to settle your account.   Auctions are held regularly. You can save a tremendous amount of money and even enjoy the process when you’re prepared.

Choose your auction source. You can save yourself time and literally thousands of dollars by getting a review of sites that auction used travel trailers and by using our online buying guide (no need to sign up) for used RVs.

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