Using the Auto Bidder Feature in Penny Auctions

September 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Even though penny auctions are all the rage in 2010, candidates must continue to know and understand how to feature automatic bidding (Bid Butler) is working to win auctions. No matter your skill level will help in understanding how the feature works as well as when and when not to use this easy to follow guide edge.

Butler Supply is an automatic feature bidding allows you to place the bid when you are away from your computers or you have a fuss on the internet.

What is a penny auction automatic bid (Bid Butler);

A penny auction auto-bidder places bids for you automatically at times set by you during the active auctions – in simple words – that automates the bidding process. Auto-candidates were created to allow you to place bids in a certain amount of money. This feature is designed for when you are away from your computer or when you have a faulty connection to the internet. The tool asks you to provide the following: the number of offers you want to use the starting price and final price.

How does the automatic bid (Bid Butler) work?

Once you have the number of offers you want to use the starting price and final price, the tool manages the bidding process after the auction that meets the original starting price and ensures that you are the highest bidder when the clock counts to zero. The auto bidding waiting for the timer to ring in the last ten seconds to place the bid. In fact, you can schedule five bids must be placed in the default range of $ 15 and $ 20. The butlers offer will be made offers in the last seconds of the auction ensuring you get in one last and final offer.

What happens when a Bid Butler bids in an auction?

With a single tender offer set to Butler at current prices, the bids will be placed within the last 10 seconds of the auction. This ensures they will have the chance to win the auction.

What happens when two or several Offers Butlers at an auction?

If two or more Offers Butlers one against the other bids are placed immediately and the price increases and timer with each bid placed in these auctions dime.

Penny auction is a distinctive type of auction. At you will have plenty of items to bid on penny auction.

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