What To Do To Get Great Deals With Queens Foreclosed Homes

July 26, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Queens foreclosed homes are some of the most affordable in the whole country. Buying a home in New York is also a great long term move since the state’s economy has various industries which allow it to recover faster than other regions during economic downturns. For those planning to buy a foreclosed dwelling in this area, there are some necessary steps that they need to take first.

Preparing for the Purchase

A buyer should not make an offer at the first home that he sees no matter how much he likes it at first glance. Having other properties to compare it with will help the buyer make a wise decision and secure a better deal from the seller. This is where professional agents come in.

A real estate agent can make a comparative market analysis wherein properties of similar price and type can be compared with the one that caught the buyer’s eye. Armed with statistics on what the local market has to offer, a buyer can negotiate better with sellers of Queens foreclosed homes and hopefully, secure a better price.

Formulating an Offer Price

Usually, foreclosure residential properties are offered below their true market value. However, buyers can still negotiate for a lower price if they knew the value of similar properties in the neighborhood. The rule of thumb in making an offer price is determining the rate between prevailing market prices for similar dwellings and the actual value of the property at its current condition.

This rate is the ideal bid price since the asking price of the seller will likely be higher than the current actual value of the property. The first offer should be lower by around 10 to 15% than the asking price of the seller. If the buyer really wanted the property and it is in good condition, then he can go higher. Bidding at a price lower than the asking rate gives the buyer room to maneuver.

Getting Queens foreclosed homes inspected by a licensed home inspector will also provide a buyer a negotiation tool, particularly if some areas of the property needed fixing. Costs of fixing the house should be considered in making the offer price and most sellers understand that this is a reasonable move.

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