What to Make of Repo Property Auctions

June 14, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Repo property auctions take place at the conclusion of the foreclosure proceedings. Announcements are posted on the county courthouse and published in newspapers. Real estate brokers and agents would also have information on dates and venues of these auctions.

These repo property auctions are organized by the banks who own the properties after foreclosure. Interested parties may obtain the list of repo properties straight from the bank. They would also be online in foreclosure listings sites where all foreclosure auctions across the country is listed.

Patience Pays

A lot of people are thrown by these home auctions that they basically give up on the whole affair. Patient buyers have the upper hand and actually get some of the best deals being offered in the market. The best way to tame this beast is to observe two or three home auctions before actually participating in one. This way you get great insights on the general feel of the activity as well as understand the emotions that go into placing a bid and outbidding others.

When you finally pick the auction you wish to participate in you must try to learn everything about the property. Check if it is possible to see the interior of the property and conduct a cursory inspection. Talk to people in the neighborhood and ask for a background on the property. You must also conduct a title search as this document is public domain and can be studied by prospective buyers. See if the title has outstanding taxes or other encumbrances and decide if this situation is something you can take on.

In actual repo property auctions be sure that you are ready to pay for the entire amount should you win the bid on the property. There would be a certain charge upfront for participating in the auction and if you emerge as the winning bidder you have a very short time to pay for the property in full. On the other hand the property is transferred to you very quickly and this is a good thing as you can start your repairs and move into the property or resell it quicker.

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