Where Can You Find Foreclosure Houses at Bargain Prices?

August 13, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

With so much excitement in the housing sector there are endless leads to find foreclosure houses at bargain prices. The foreclosures market has often been described as a buyer’s market as the supply seems to have overtaken the demand. This great opportunity will enable the really diligent buyers to snag an excellent deal. Home values can go as low as 40-50 percent of their real value. Resources are abundant and yield very good results.

Fixer Upper Homes are Diamonds in the Rough

Fixer upper homes fetch the lowest prices if you are looking to find foreclosure houses at great bargains. These homes require considerable repair though so they are more ideal for buyers with links to the construction sector or those who have done some carpentry. Fixer uppers are ideal for flipping because they can be purchased for a very low price and marked up significantly after fixing them up. Some huge investors opt to purchase fixer uppers by bulk for this purpose.

Join the Bidding Wars

A public auction is employed by banks and other home lending companies to quickly sell homes they foreclosed on. Details on home auctions are posted on the county courthouse, published in newspapers and released to realtors. But you need to first be familiar with the bidding process before you decide to participate in one since rules could differ depending on the state you are in. In fact you may go to some auctions first to gain a better insight on how they are conducted.

The Security Offered by Bank Owned Foreclosures

First time buyers may want to take advantage of the security and ease of purchasing bank owned foreclosures. These homes may not be as affordable as fixer uppers or the homes featured in auctions but the manner of acquiring them is quick and pretty straightforward. What they lack in discounts, they make up in terms of value added services to induce purchase. Some of these perks include the eviction of occupiers, a clean title and a pest certification, among other things. Find foreclosure houses offered by banks at online listings services or through your local real estate agent or broker.

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