Why Baltimore Bank Owned Homes Are Better Than Auctioned Properties

June 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Some real estate agents and housing market experts favor Baltimore bank owned houses over foreclosures at auctions. According to them, there are benefits in buying a bank-owned property or a real-estate owned (REO) home that some buyers are not even aware of.

What Are REOs?

REOs or bank-owned dwellings are those foreclosed properties that failed to get sold at auction. These properties are reverted to the bank, with buyers now required to deal directly with the bank or the lender rather than the former owner of the house. This scenario provides REO deals with their biggest advantages.

Why Buy Bank-Owned Houses?

Bank owned residential properties are great opportunities for those looking for a low-priced home. These properties are often offered at very affordable rates and the listing price can even go lower, particularly for those that have remained unsold for more than three months.

The reason, analysts explain, is that banks are not keen on keeping real estate in their books since they do not provide profits unless sold and they actually require maintenance costs. Because of this, most banks are willing to accept lower bids for Baltimore bank owned dwellings.

Another benefit that buyers can realize from these residences is that they need not worry about the title since banks offer these homes with clean titles. Tax liens, if there are any, are also paid for by the lender or the bank. The main benefit lies in the documentation, with REO paperwork most likely to be in sound condition than in other foreclosed properties.

What to Watch Out for

However, housing market experts have warned buyers that it is not all good things when it comes to REOs. Most of these properties have been unsold for months and are probably in poor condition. Banks sell REOs in an “as is” condition, which means that they will be made available to the buyer in the condition under which the bank has acquired them.

Real estate agents have also warned that it could take some time before a Baltimore bank owned property agreement is closed. For one, several units of the bank will be required to approve the deal. For another, counter offers will be provided by the bank and offers from other interested parties will continue to be entertained, thereby prolonging the closing of the deal.

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