Why Storage Units Go To Auction & What Treasures Lie Within

August 29, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

You may ask yourself why someone would allow their property to be sold off at a storage auction after they have gone to the trouble and expense of packing, moving and storing their goods?
The answer may surprise you. In fact, some of the real life stories shared will shock you. Yet, the circumstances leading to storage auction could happen to just about anyone.

First let us briefly examine the typical storage tenant, and what you may find locked away in those cement and steel closets.
Analysis of the storage industry tells us that the vast majority of units across the nation are in the hands of individuals. Storage tenants are folks like you and me that need extra space for the holiday decorations or just want to get that car back in the garage. Only between 6 and 10 percent of storage tenants are businesses, and this of course varies by region. In large cities, the business storage percentage may be higher, and the reverse in smaller, more rural communities.

You are probably wondering what treasures can someone really discover at a storage auction? We know that we humans are collectors, so let your imagination run wild. What do you think rests behind those carefully padlocked storage units? Just about everything known to man. Some storage units are filled with mechanical parts for autos, boats, aircraft, cycles, trains, heavy equipment of all variety–you name it. Others house furniture, antiques, musical instruments, toys and doll houses, clocks, appliances, radios, records, china, vintage clothing, historical artifacts and sports memorabilia. These are the more obvious examples.

How about the more unusual, more exotic collections behind these roll up doors? Taxidermy collections, mummies from the ancient world, rare Chinese pottery, lost scientific papers from Albert Einstein, or an original copy of the Declaration of Independence hidden underneath old clothes in a dust covered steamer trunk. All this and more is stashed away in storage units, by someone who wanted to keep their treasures–and keep them locked away.

Would you be surprised to learn that people store valuables including coins and currency, gold, jewelry, and fine silver packed away in storage simply because they may be in a hurry to store their possessions or may not realize the true value before placing items in storage. Why you ask? Remember some folks consider cement storage space preferable to the underside of their mattress or a cardboard box in the old attic.

Then there are the serious collectors. For example, there are folks who scour the nation for colonial-era handmade weather vanes. A single item, rusted and bent from the elements dating back to the late 18th century could be worth in excess of $ 20,000! How about storage units filled with art? Most storage facilities specify not to put art in the storage unit, however, people do anyway, especially in the climate-controlled units. Then there is the collector of rare toys, vintage cycles, scientific equipment from any and every sort of lab, a 10 x 12 unit filled with antique and one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments floor to ceiling. You get the picture.

In other words, there are as many uses for storage as there are people who have their own dreams and plans. When it comes to business and the commerce of buying and selling goods, there is no limit to the scope of merchandise that might be traded, and then stored, in your local facility, to eventually be turned into profit. When it comes to business storage, the realm of possibilities is unlimited.

Published by Mark Carlson, care of: http://www.storagetreasures.com

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