WoW Auction House – How to Buy Low and Sell High Using Auctioneer

July 13, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

When players are looking to start making gold on the auction house for the first time, the advice they are given often takes the form of “buy low and sell high”.  Though this advice is the core principal of making gold on the auction house, it is far too vague for a new player to take action on.  Players new to the auction house will need a more specific and complete set of guidelines if they want to actually succeed in making any gold.

One of the most important factors in auction house success is recognizing pricing trends on your server.  No one can give you blanket advice on how much an item should sell for, as it varies completely depending on the server as well as the day and time.  Learning to observe these trends and ride them out for their maximum profit potential is essential for dominating in the auction house.  The Auctioneer mod makes this very simple, completely automating the process for you.

In order to take advantage of this powerful tool, players should begin by doing one or more scans every day for at least a week.  This allows Auctioneer to get a good idea of what your server’s economy looks like, and what you can expect certain items to sell for.  Scanning is extremely important, and should be done at least once per day for as long as you continue to use the auction house to make gold.  The more data you feed Auctioneer with, the more likely it will be to return accurate prices that you can capitalize off of.

Once Auctioneer has its data, use the Search feature with the Resale option selected.  Set the profit value for 10 gold, and then click the search button.  This will bring up a list of items that Auctioneer has determined are underpriced.  These items can be resold for a bare minimum of 10 gold profit each as determined by our search settings.  Now it is just a matter of weeding through and finding the items with the best profit margins.  Remember that with some items, you may not be able to resell them right away due to mass undercutting.  Just tuck them away in your bag and check the pricing whenever you log on to see when the market is back to normal for that item.

If you do this consistently for around 30 minutes per day, you will have no problem covering any and all of your in game expenses.  These methods can easily make you more than 5000 gold per week.  Struggling for gold will be a thing of the past for you.  The only key is to take action today.  Happy trading!

Nicklaus Pender is a savant of the WoW auction house and gladly shares his WoW strategies on his site. Make sure to check it out for more info on how to earn gold with the auction house.